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A user from Toronto
Thank you for giving me access to such an excellent resource of advice and information that lovetactics.com is. Your customer service has been more than excellent. I will make sure to spread the good word and let my friends know about the web site. Thanks again. There are very few companies today that still care the way you do.

Raymond T, UK
Winning a Girl’s heart is often not as easy as it looks in the Movies! It’s all too easy to do all the wrong things, for the right reasons, but instead of drawing the one you want closer, you push her away.

That’s exactly what I was doing and in the process causing myself immense heartache. Then I found Love Tactics, the single most valuable tool in romance ever.

After the first read through, I found myself feeling embarrassment and physically squirming, reading from the pages all the stupid mistakes I had made. Then I went over it again and again, made notes, studied the system.
The Love Tactics system not only shows you the way to optimise your chances in Love, but hones your ability to do all the right things, all of the time, if you follow the rules. There is something else that the Love Tactics system does for you. Love Tactics shows you how to be more centred within yourself, to be more comfortable with yourself, to understand yourself. As a direct result, you come across to the one you want as a more secure, confident and positive person, one whom they find more attractive.

I’m not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot. I have even made some more diabolical mistakes, mistakes that would otherwise have been certain ‘curtains’ for me, in my situation. Yet, Love Tactics system brings the situation around again and again, keeping me in the game with more than a fighting chance.

If all that seems hard to believe, try this:

I got into a relationship which began on an Internet dating site. I met this wonderful Girl in person a year ago. Because it’s also a long distance relationship, my way of showing affection was limited to words in between being with this Girl in person. Emails, letters, phone calls. I poured out the ‘Mush’ big time, so much so, I lost her.

Had it not been for Love Tactics, it would still be over. But thanks to Love Tactics system, I am still in there, with a fighting chance to win this Girl’s heart.

Love Tactics works. No question. Trust me!

One of my goals, apart from the obvious, is to be able to submit a new testimonial once I have succeeded and to be forever in the debt of Love Tactics.

Apart from the book itself, brilliantly written in terms that anyone can understand, the team behind Love Tactics actually care, sincerely. They are not just a bunch of people out to make a buck from publishing, they REALLY want to help.

Karen E.
I just want to say a very big genuine THANK YOU, I have just got a proposal after following the love tactics. I just wish there was a book for what to do now!!!

Meredith F., Hawaii
I call the Love Tactics system my bible for love... I have been in a relationship for a year and a half. Whenever things go wrong, I go to Love Tactics and get right back on track. Remembering Friendship, Passion and Respect are the most important factors for having a strong relationship. This system is definitely a girl's bible to a perfect relationship. ~

Dr. Jonathan R. New Jersey
I wish I had known about Love Tactics ten years ago. Simple but true.

William O. Rhode Island
I was given the system by a friend, but didn't use right away. Then I started having trouble with my girlfriend and thought maybe it would help. I started at 9:00pm and finished around 3:00 am. What can I say; Love Tactics gave me some insight into what really was going on. I confronted my girlfriend and stood my ground. She was upset, but after a few days or so, she came back to me with a different attitude. Thank God, I didn't cave in. She has a newfound respect for me and I owe it to Love Tactics.

A user from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Tantalizing on every page. Well worth your money!! Use it if you need better tips for dating. Other than that, have fun!!!

A user from Victoria, Texas
I studied the entire system. Then skimmed it again. Using these tactics will make you an absolute magnet for the opposite sex. And it'll actually make you a better person in the process. The system wisely tells you to be careful who you choose to use these tactics on. You better "like" em, because you will get em. And it's true. I know, first hand. And it works well for business relationships too. "Everyone" and I mean everyone, wants to be around you when you use these tactics. The tactics are simple, realistic, and infallible. Good job guys! Easily the best relationship/dating system I've ever used. And I've read alot. I wish I had had this system 15 years ago.

Eric Melbourne, Australia
If it seems that Love is a game where everyone knows the rule except you - this system will enlighten you! If you've been stuck in a pattern of less than happy relationships - this system will show you how to break the pattern! Many people are put off by the idea of using tactics to win love, but that is no different than using the tactic of combing your hair before going out on a date: there are simply things you can do to improve your chances of making a love connection, and this system will show you how. I practically memorised Love Tactics and the sequel five years ago, and almost immediately met a wonderful woman from Australia. We have been together here now for almost 3 years and will be marrying soon. Change your love life - use this system!

A user from Tennessee
I swore I would never resort to such games, but, I thought... one last shot. I really loved him. I followed the system. I guess he really loved me too, but, he just didn't know it at the time. We have been happily married for nine years this September. This love has survived despite all odds ( financial problems and the Brady Bunch (combined family). The passion is still there and we have a really good bond. We were honest with each other. I also prayed to God to do what would make him happy and I didn't want him if it wasn't right for him as well.So, to the person who thought it was only for lust not love...you were wrong. I am as crazy about him to day as I was then. One of our children is getting married this year and I hope that they will be as close and committed as us. BUY THE SYSTEM

A user from Midfield, AL
This system contains some great psychological tricks to use on people in relationships- it does work and remember all is fair in love and war! :)

Cheryl Singapore
Well, my perception of love changes completely & I have changed my attitude towards love & life more positively because what the system says is absolutely very true! I really regretted not having used it earlier when I was going though the rocks of my relationship which seemed to have many scenarios described in the system & the possible solutions for it rather than to be helplessly waiting for the relationship to end so tragically...when I could have saved it actually. Now, I have realized my emotional insecurities & better ways to cope with it, I began to understand myself better. I'm certainly looking forward to my next relationship with much more confidence & hope.

Anne Marie B. Massachusetts
Thanks to Love Tactics my love life is continually improving on many levels of intimacy. I date more and really know how to handle the men I date. Love Tactics has changed my life forever. I feel as though I know what I am looking for and how to get it.

a user from Frankfort, Kentucky
I first read this system several years ago during what turned out to be a failed relationship. I've used and re-used this system and realized my mistakes. I didn't follow all the principles and I got burned. I've learned from my mistakes and am using the principles (all of them!) in a new relationship that is working out just fine! I recommend this system to anyone who wants to find and create love with a certain someone. This system makes dating a breeze. It simplifies everything. It's makes dealing with all types of people much easier. It's one of the BEST systems I've ever read. Just apply their simple tactics and people become drawn to you. What more could you ask?

a user from West Bloomfield, MI
This system is a must for everyone 14 years of age and above. If I had used it when I was in high school, then I would not have experienced getting my heart broken into pieces about 30 times before getting married. This system teaches both sexes how each other thinks in different scenarios, and gives advice on how to counteract difficult situations before, during, and after relationships. Thank you Thomas McKnight!

a user from Bethlehem, PA
I used this system at what seemed the worst time in my life when it came to relationships. It was very uplifting, and challenged me to use the tactics described. I used them on a girl who I thought was an ideal candidate for marriage- but who only liked me as a friend. I hung in there and aggresively used the strategies and tips the system offered, and eventually she became interested in me romantically. We dated for four years and now we are married. Trust me when I say that without this system, I would still be single and completely oblivious to what I was doing wrong! It might not happen overnight, but if you take this system seriously and have the patience to follow through and hang your head high even in the face of rejection, you will succeed!

a user from Taiwan
My ex-boss recommends me this system, also, a famous psychologist in Taiwan (I'm living Taiwan, and sorry for my bad English) recommends it too. Of course, I've never lost any chance since I finish this system. I've also found its principles can be used in other fields including working relationships...

a user from Myrtle Beach, SC
This is really an excellent system loaded with practical advice for creating and maintaining relationships. Contrary to a previous review, the creators do not contradict themselves. The system is divided into chronological steps. It may not be appropriate to try and sympathize with someone you just met whereas later, when your relationship is advancing, some sympathy can comfort the one you love. Some of the tactics might not be appropriate in every relationship but the game of love is not set in stone. This system merely provides suggestions to help you along the way. A worthwhile system

a user from Charleston, West Virginia
It has helped me with my girlfriend, and she probably woudnt be my girlfriend if not for this system.

a user from East Northport, New York
...If your looking for a meaningful long term romantic relationship then this is the system for you. This system explains everything that is misunderstood about true love. It emphasizes building a foundation of friendship and respect, and in time romance. It even explains how to get the coldest people to warm up to you. This system shows how "love is a predictable human response". If your a logical person, this system explains love in logical terms. Or actions and reactions. If your looking for help on how to inspire and maintain a long term relationship, then this is the system for you.

a user from Dublin, Ireland
This is truly a great system, the advice in which I applied in two relationships, and both parties fell head over heels for me! I'm still searching for The One, and I know that I'll be successful when I meet him.

Silvia United Kingdom
If only I read the book Love Tactics: how to win the one you want a couple of years ago, I am sure I would not have lost (TEMPORARILY) the man I still love so much! By reading the book I found out how many stupid things I did - especially the chasing/pursuing strategies!! I scared him away!!
The book & website: www.lovetactics.com are a MUST for all those confused and/or desperate in matters of love. What I like of the website - after you register - are the enlightening advice tips that are regularly e-mailed to you and the various links to other useful bits of information.

I am putting the Love Tactics suggestions into practice - I want my loved one back! - and they seem to work already. Sometimes it's tough - as I need to control the urge to call/e-mail my loved one - but I feel so much better when I am able to resist it. And he is now looking for me...

I am trying to put myself in my loved one's shoes all the time, and I say to myself: "I would definitely HATE a man pursuing me all the time. I would feel uncomfortable and would be even terrified!...So why on earth should I make him feel like that? Do I really want to lose him for good?"

I am in the process of using the Love System Silver Package: I will let you know the outcome soon, and I am sure it will be extremely positive! Thanks a bunch, Love Tactics Team, YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!

Lori H. Henderson, TX
I purchased Love Tactics at a local bookstore before I knew there was a web site. I love the book and refer to it everyday. I would love to be able to have access to the web site too. If you can let me know and have access I would be so grateful ! I think the future of my marriage depends on it. At the time when I bought the book, my husband of 23 years had left and I truly thought I had ruined any chance there was at reconciliation. One day, while shopping for a book about getting through and dealing with divorce, I saw Love Tactics. I purchased it, went home and read it cover to cover without putting it down. I started to implement some of the tactics in the book and after only a few days my husband and I are finally talking and I am gaining more confidence and allot more of his respect everyday. I am finally able to breathe some new life into myself and actually believe that our marriage will eventually be restored, repaired and better than ever!
I think this book is absolutely wonderful ! Not only has it allowed me peace of mind, it opened my eyes to some of the destructive habits that caused the breakup. It has truly changed my life!!!!
Thank You,
Lori Hughes

Andy P Boston
Love Tactics is something you GET after a few hours of intensive concentration,,, and light bulbs go off in your head! For me... it didn't happen until I got to the part in the book and System that related to me, directly to my problem. I was able to think of my experiences and the System explained in detail of why I failed and what I should have done in each case.

a user from San Francisco CA
if only i had read lovetactics before i got dumped. now i'm trying to get her back, i know its going to take a long time, but i will keep hanging in there.
i'm going to back off for a while as i think i sounded abit emotional in the last message i left, although i explained i was ill.i am learning all the time, and getting stronger, thanks to this system.
to all those in the same boat, keep on keeping on, i have faith in this system.
since i have known about this, i have come across other people who have, probably without realising it, shown vulnerability, and humility towards me and this has stood out for me, so i am sure my phone message attempts have had a similar effect on the one i want.thanks again for a brilliant system.

Bob Atlanta, GA
I am a professional therapist and I can say without doubt I have made more money using the techniques in this system than any other. Simple to understand yet powerful in what they produce. If you are looking for a system that cuts through all the extra and gives you more and more of just the good stuff, then this is the one. If you do what they suggest it will take a while (more than 2 weeks), but I have seen first hand the results in many of my single clients.

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